Police violence at a #BlackLivesMatter protest in New York City. Overshadowed by a different sort of violence, a vigilante-payback murderous sort of protest, in Dallas.

Heartbreak. Horror. Anger. Shock. 

Obviously, there will be lots of palaver about what needs to change. Gun culture for example. Prosecuting those who abuse the power of their position, who fail to serve / protect. Training (re-training) (better training) (anti-racism-training) of police.

And maybe before the training,  recruitment, but:

How to entice better recruits? What sane person wants to work in a racist, sexist, phobic organization?

And while we in Canada may subtly congratulate ourselves for not having the (scale of) problems that they have in America, let’s not forget we too have discrimination and sexism

Our RCMP are but one recent example.

*A Screed is a song of protest, of vilification.