Ethnographer | Ecographer

Social Justice, Ecological Sustainability, Public Anthropology, Global Health

A Practicing Anthropologist

Capacity building, research and cultural interpretation services for health, development and sustainability

I bring gender and ethnographically-sensitive techniques to a variety of research and community development projects, expeditions, strategic planning &; facilitation.

Project design, management, monitoring and evaluation
Gender and health (HIV, GBV &; MCH) mainstreaming
Cultural Use Assessment / Ecography
Participatory research; rural appraisal
Ethnographic field methods
Facilitation & Planning with Open Space Technology & Making a Difference (AusAID’s Capacity Building Advisor training)
Capacity Building
Technology transfer evaluation

  • Over 20 years international work experience in: Canada, Fiji, Guatemala, Hawaii, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Tonga. Extensive travel experience in Caribbean, Europe, North America.

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